Prime Time little cigars are tobacco items, which are enriched with the cherry, grape, and strawberry flavors. Prime Time little cigars are premium American tobacco products. Since 1993, they have been manufactured by Prime Time International. The Prime Time little cigars filling contains excellent tobacco of five varieties from the best lands in different countries of the world. After careful sorting, the leaves are dried and fermented, after which they are cut, and a blend with the necessary parameters is created from various varieties. The fine fraction of the raw material is wrapped in a reconstituted chocolate-colored tobacco leaf, and a special acetate filter is added to smooth out the specific tartness. Excellent product quality and affordable price make Prime Time little cigars a leading position among American manufacturers of similar products.

American Prime Time little cigars are available in both medium strength and slightly lower. They differ in their classic size (diameter – 8 mm, length 103 mm) and are packaged in 20 pieces in a soft pack, made in the spirit of old traditions. The duration of smoking one product is on average 20 minutes, and its attenuation when the puff is stopped confirms the high quality and the absence of special additives to maintain combustion.

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