So, these are Cariba little cigars. One pack contains 4 cigars. The nicotine level is unknown, but it feels like 7-9. The pack is made of soft cardboard, but 4 cigarillos are sufficient for the duration of smoking, but the pack is also packed in a special box that seals the smell. The average smoking duration given on the website is 10 to 20 minutes. This is generally true. It all depends on how you smoke while drinking coffee or taking one of Cariba little cigars after not smoking for a few days.

Cariba little cigars are equipped with a wooden mouthpiece, as is common with cigarillos of this price. Tobacco is wrapped in reconstituted tobacco leaf mixed with pipe tobacco, at least as it is written on the construction site. The composition of the cigarillos is South American pipe tobacco as well as Dominicans and tobacco, which are grown in the country of Nicaragua and are to be judged according to taste.

Cariba little cigars are made from a mixture of pipe tobacco and tobacco leaves from cigars that are grown in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil. The unique microperforation technology of the topsheet allows extracting all the positive properties of the tobacco leaf, which undoubtedly affects the aroma of cigarillos and makes it bright and saturated.

Cariba little cigars are rightly considered one of the highest quality cigars in the world. For their production, selected Cuban tobacco is used, which is grown in the western part of the island, where the conditions are most favorable. There are different types of Cariba little cigars: cherry has a light cherry taste, original gives off pleasant honey, and grape tastes of grapes with light cinnamon notes, which can be an excellent addition to wines. It is also important that each block of Cariba little cigars has a wooden mouthpiece so that you can enjoy the delicate aroma and taste that show up with every new puff. Cariba little cigars are made not only from cigar, but also from pipe tobacco and smoked tobacco, which allows you to achieve a unique taste that is unique to this tobacco brand. In our webshop you can buy Cariba little cigars at the best price for you.