The soft flavored tobacco is composed of selected golden Virginia leaves. Bright flavors and minimal strength have become the hallmark of Golden Harvest little cigars. Golden Harvest little cigars are high quality cigars. Before loading, the goods undergo a thorough quality control; all product characteristics meet the established international standards.

Features and pros: For the production of Golden Harvest little cigars, the company uses Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Features and characteristics: mild delicate taste; sweet aftertaste; pleasant aroma.
Tobacco is grown in three different regions: Brazil, China and India. The peculiarities of climatic conditions and soil make it possible to achieve the unique properties of the material used for the production of cigarettes. The maximum size of Golden Harvest little cigars is 11 cm. The difference is a small diameter, which allows using a lower smoldering temperature. The set includes a filter or mouthpiece.

Golden Harvest little cigars are produced in different flavors: cherry, vanilla, coconut.

Golden Harvest little cigars are a masterpiece of tobacco art. One can and should talk about them for a long time and with love – this is how they, in fact, smoke. Golden Harvest little cigars can be a real pleasure for you. Those who are not familiar with cigars are often interested in how cigarillos differ from cigars? Cigarillos are smaller than cigars. Their usual length is 11 centimeters. The small diameter allows them to have a smoldering temperature lower than that of conventional cigars, which allows adding various flavors to tobacco, for example, apple, cocoa, coffee, etc. Cigarillos also have a filter or mouthpiece. In addition, no chemical additives are added to the tobacco from which cigarillos are made, which accelerate its decay. This allows you to feel the aroma of the used tobacco, and not the chemistry, when smoking.

You can buy Golden Harvest little cigars in a tobacco store right now at affordable prices. Our staff will contact you, answer all questions and help you choose the right item for your taste.