Filtered Talon Little Cigars are offered in a 20-pack version and are accessible at a regular low cost. Claw, a top notch stogie made of 100% tobacco and filler, comes in seven incredible flavors: Regular, Silver, Menthol, Sweet, Original, Grape, Vanilla and Cherry.

Cigars have stood for the tasteful way of smoking in the “Old World” for many hundreds of years. After all, they embody pleasure, style and coziness, symbolizing wealth and luxury alike. The tobacco used comes from the exotic and tropical countries of South and Central America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Especially because of its flavor quality, cigar tobacco has always been appreciated – even when buying cigars online. Our online store is one of the largest cigar shops and offers you to buy Filtered Talon Little Cigars online. In our cigar shop, you are well advised to be guided through the exciting world of the cigar.

The production of Filtered Talon Little Cigars.

Tobacco cultivation is generally divided into two methods. The tobacco, which grows in partial shade, is called tabaco tapado, as it grows covered in the natural semi-shade or under fabric webs. The shade reduces the strong sunshine of the tropics. In our cigar shop we offer a large selection of these Filtered Talon Little Cigars. If you shop online at our store or buy cigars, you have the choice between these Filtered Talon Little Cigars. You recognize them by the colors range.

Before a cigar can be smoked, the headboard needs to be opened on many models. In this so-called cut a hole is cut, through which the smoke enters the mouth. This is the case with all fillers, since these are usually stored and smoked dry and the cutting of the dry cover sheet carries the risk that this tears. If this notch is not present, which is the case with all hand-rolled brands, the cigar must be cut or drilled or torn open before smoking with a pair of scissors, a special cigar drill or a so-called cutter. For this purpose, special cigar cutters are offered in stores. It is distinguished between cigar scissors, cutters and cigar drills, the latter being more suitable for very flat ends.