When the first Handelsgold little cigars packaging was implemented in a print shop in Bünde, the founders could not have dreamed that this would become the most successful cigar brand in the world. A brand like the German post-war wonder. Born out of nowhere and quickly on everyone’s lips. From everyone to Heuss and Churchill.

The upswing cigar, made in Germany since 1946. Over 65 years of tradition. And trading gold is still trading gold. Always good. Always cheap.

Handelsgold little cigars are among the most famous cigar brands in Germany and, as an icon of the German economic boom, they also stand for tradition. The Handelsgold little cigars brand offers a large selection of different cigars and cigarillos. Quality and excellent value for money have made Handelsgold cigars so successful for decades.

Handelsgold little cigars are made by Arnold André. Arnold André has been a leader in the cigar and cigarilla market for almost 200 years and offers a unique variety of brands so that the choice is not torture, but enjoyment. The best tobacco from Sumatra and Brazil, finely tuned tobacco compositions, first-class workmanship, noble natural wrapper and the knowledge from over 200 years of cigar production in family tradition since 1817 make every Handelsgold cigar something special.

Uncompromising quality is the trademark of this traditional cigar. The tobacco plants are carefully picked and the high-quality raw tobacco is carefully selected. The result can be seen, smelled and, above all, tasted.

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