The Dutch company Agio Cigars is a leading producer of cigarillos in Europe, with a development period of more than 100 years. The company produces annually about 750 million Agio little cigars sold annually in more than 100 countries. Agio little cigars are manufactured in accordance with advanced technologies and high quality standards, and are focused on high consumer demands.

The manufacturer has erected a monument with these small agio cigars, as the name corresponds to the company that produces and sells these cigarillos together with other brands of cigarillo. Agio little cigars are only available in two versions, both of which you can find here in our shop. Some of Agio little cigars are flavored, while the others are equipped with filters and are therefore very close to the cigarette.

Both of these products are machine-made Agio little cigars made in the Netherlands.

A Dutch company produces small filter tip cigars that have the same name as the manufacturer. These small cigars with a filter tip impress with a very smooth consistency and a pleasant shape. Like the other copies of the house, the filter tips are also manufactured by machine.

The Filter Tip Agio little cigars are available in two different flavors. While a cigarillo is slightly flavored, beginners in particular prefer the non-flavored variant. These filter tips are so popular because they have an activated carbon filter that is popular with many smokers. The typical blue packaging is visually very inviting and promises a lot of fun.

An ideal gift idea for cigarette smokers is the Agio Filter Tip Sweet, which is available in a box with 10 Agio little cigars.

The Filter Tip Sweet Agio little cigars, which delight the smoker with a gentle sweetness, come from the Netherlands. A cigarillo was created that is ideal for a short smoking pleasure during a break. Equipped with gentle spicy and sweet aromas, the cigarillo is harmoniously balanced in taste. The insert, which is wrapped by binder and cover sheet, forms an excellent mixture of different high-quality tobacco. The Agio Filter Tip Sweet is perfect for entering the world of cigarillo smokers, but passionate cigarillo smokers are also enthusiastic about the aroma and taste of the cigarillo. The practical box with 10 small agio cigars accompanies the smoker in all of his ways so that he can enjoy these excellent filter cigarettes at every opportunity.