Big Foot little cigars are hand-packed tobacco cigars grown in the Dominican Republic.
Big Foot little cigars are the new machine-moved cigarillos from La Aurora. Big Foot little cigars are produced by using 100% characteristic tobacco. They are enclosed by Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco leaf and loaded up with Dominican tobaccos, which gives the Big Foot little cigars a rich tobacco flavor, and its woody shades mix in with a light sweet fragrance.

Because of the first delicate bundling, these cigarillas are more moist and fragrant than their partners, since its principle distinction is an exceptional <>, which permits you to safeguard the dampness and smell of the cigarillos subsequent to opening. The first type of the new Big Foot little cigars and their brilliant fragrance should unquestionably vanquish authorities of top notch tobacco. Big Foot little cigars cigars are the new cigarillos from La Aurora, the most established stogie plant in the Dominican Republic with over 110 years of history. Big Foot little cigars are sweet cigarillos with a delightful Connecticut covering on a Dominican filler. They have a velvety and mellow tobacco flavor, and a light sweet smell.

Unique delicate bundling with zip latch dependably saves the dampness and fragrance of cigarillos. Rich Big Foot little cigars with a rich tobacco flavor and a marginally better flavor are produced using 100 percent common tobacco. They are intentionally imprudently bent, somewhat extending towards the end and have battered edges. The first look, mellow taste, sensitive sweet smell, common tobacco and unique delicate bundling with an extraordinary zip clasp that permits you to keep up the ideal dampness substance of stogies even in an open pack will without a doubt bid to enthusiasts of exemplary “wild”stogies.

In addition to cigars and cigarettes, cigarillos have also found a permanent place in the smoking landscape. Big Foot little cigars are primarily smoked by all those who value taste and variety of flavors even in small formats or cheap tobacco products. In addition, tobacco is untreated in many cigarillos, unlike that of cigarettes. Unless they are flavored cigarillos with different tastes. In our online Cigarillos Shop, you will find the right Big Foot little cigars for your taste.