Cubero little cigars are cigarillos with superior quality natural cover sheet. The low price, the presence of a filter and the usual format will be appreciated by fans of regular cigarettes.

Cubero little cigars are an excellent quality of real tobacco and a natural cover sheet, which fans of ordinary cigarettes will appreciate, due to their affordable price, the presence of a filter, convenient format and packaging as close as possible to standard cigarettes

Premium Cubero little cigars are manufactured by world leaders – the Dutch company Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which is known worldwide for its Cafe Cream. Cubero are made from excellent tobacco bags, wrapped in a natural integumentary sheet, and a filter is used in the cigarilla. A great alternative to regular cigarettes.

Cubero little cigars are not as whimsical as cigars. They can be stored in ordinary cardboard or metal packaging and, unlike cigars, do not need humidors – special boxes with a humidifier inside. As for the taste and quality of tobacco, even sophisticated connoisseurs of the best varieties can buy cigarillos in order to enjoy the process of smoking them. In addition, the range of tastes and aromas of such products is much larger than that of cigars. Cigarillos have a lower strength than cigars, so even inexperienced smokers can smoke them. Cuban cigarillos, like cigars, are known all over the world, it is they who are preferred by real experts and connoisseurs. For this reason, foreign companies willingly acquire licenses for their production from Cubans. In some cases, instead of tobacco leaf, its substitute, homogenized tobacco, can be used. Therefore, before you buy cigarillos, you should carefully study the packaging. We are always ready to offer you only high-quality products that will allow you to really enjoy while smoking Cubero little cigars.

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