Davidoff little cigars are legendary Dominican cigars. The appearance of this brand gave a new impetus to the development of production in the Dominican Republic. The split of the brand owner with Cuba led to the fact that the Davidoff Dominican cigars became elite as well as the Davidoff cigarillos presented below.

Davidoff little cigars are made from 100% premium and natural tobacco from the Caribbean, Indonesia, Sumatra, Java and Brazil. The formats should be kept in an appropriately humid climate so that they can optimally develop their special taste and spicy aroma. The first Davidoff little cigars were created over 40 years ago – today the first-class cigarillos from the Dominican brand are the most famous in the world.

Only the best Sumatra wrappers are selected and processed as wrapper sheets especially for Davidoff little cigars. The small formats are also convincing with their full-bodied aromas and pleasant spiciness in the taste. We recommend a maximum humidity of 60-65% so that the finely tuned mixtures can optimally develop their aromas.

The Davidoff family opened their tobacco business at the dawn of the 20th century. Zino Davidoff devoted his whole life to the production of excellent Davidoff little cigars, and invented the first portable humidor. All products of the brand are distinguished by excellent taste and aroma, as they are made from the best tobacco leaves growing in the countries of the Caribbean Sea. Additional flavorings are not used in favor of a superior tobacco flavor of Davidoff little cigars. They have a higher nicotine content, fruity-spicy-woody aroma and guarantee an intense smoking pleasure. The sturdy wooden box holds 50 Davidoff little cigars.

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