Many smokers today try Talon little cigars with the aromas of menthol, vanilla, sweets and others. But not everyone knows that it is necessary to follow certain rules, which each species has its own. This includes knowing how to smoke Talon little cigars. Most heavy smokers who have smoked a lot of regular cigarettes think they can quickly and easily learn to smoke other types of tobacco products. And they make a lot of mistakes.

In general, the smoking process does not fundamentally differ from smoking a cigarette. The product must be removed from the packaging and inserted into the mouth. Many people are interested in this question: from which side to smoke cigarillos? If they do not have a filter and a mouthpiece, then from either side.

With filter. These varieties are intended for smokers who previously only smoked cigarettes. To make the transition to another type of tobacco products easier and more sparing for the body, filtered Talon little cigars are used.

Many varieties of Talon little cigars have a mouthpiece. It is designed to preserve the flavor of the smoke and keep it cool. There is no filter here, so all harmful substances enter the body without any obstacles.

You cannot smoke on the go, because this is not only very harmful, but also does not allow you to fully enjoy the taste and smell. The fundamental difference from ordinary cigarettes and cigars is that cigarillos are smoked not for the satisfaction of addiction, but for pleasure. Therefore, they smoke them slowly, in a calm pleasant atmosphere.

If a person who has never smoked before decided to try it, then it is recommended to start with products that have a filter.

When smoking Talon little cigars, it is customary to release the smoke through the nose, or inhale it through the nose and release it through the mouth. For those who are accustomed to smoking regular cigarettes, it will be difficult at first to take small puffs, because the body has a habit brought to automatism, and when smoke enters the mouth, a person mechanically makes a deep inhalation. You can try half of it in the usual way, and the rest by drawing the smoke through your nose.