The Schwering & Hasse Hasillo 733 Brasil offers fabulously affordable Hasillo Little cigars in 50-piece packs. Today, the Hasillo Little cigars brand belongs to the Dannemann group, formerly it bore the name of the renowned cigar house Rinn & Cloos.

Hasillo Little cigars have a dark, natural Brasil tobacco overlay. The insert consists of a finely composed mixture of selected tobaccos. In addition to the excellent tobacco bouquet, an additional flavor is not used. Ribbon tobacco is used for the binder. Short Hasillo Little cigars offer higher nicotine content, spicy earthy aroma and rich pleasure. A sturdy wooden box contains 50 cigarillos.

The Dannemann Hasillo Little cigars are cigarillos for the price-conscious smoker. You can buy them in a 50-pack in our Berlin shop. It is a machine-made short filler with a bright natural cover made from Sumatra tobacco. The insert consists of a precisely compiled mixture of selected tobacco.

These are very cheap cigarillos in packs of 50 and 40 pieces, a real super savings pack. For a long time, these products bore the name of the formerly renowned and venerable cigar house Rinn & Cloos (R&C). After the company from Dannemann, which still produces these cigarillos, was taken over, they were renamed Schwering & Hasse.

The Hasillo Little cigars are available in the variants of Sumatra and Brasil.

Born on April 23, 1852 in Bremen, Gerhard Dannemann often showed foresight, courage, inventiveness and assertiveness in his life. Characteristics that are still crucial for business success today. As a child, he came into contact with what his whole life should focus on: cigar tobacco. Gerhard Dannemann sensed that only consistently high quality can guarantee success. Only those who are on the spot have this key to success. In 1872 Gerhard Dannemann emigrated to Brazil. Not far from the former capital of Brazil, Salvador, in the state of Bahia, the Bremen cigar specialist, who was now called Geraldo, settled in the region known as Reconcavo.

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