Guantanamera is the title of a famous song written and distributed by the Cuban Joseito Fernandez in 1928. The song achieved international success in the 1960s by representing Cuba around the world. Guantanamera little cigars were introduced internationally as a Habanos brand in 2002 at the Inter-tabac trade fair in Dortmund. The Guantanamera little cigars are made from tobacco from the Vuelta Arriba region, the second most important tobacco growing region in Cuba. All formats are ‘mecanizado’ – machine-produced in a modern, recently established factory in Havana.

The brand has had a new design since the second half of 2012. All cigars of this brand are easy to taste and available at an affordable price. Strictly speaking, it is the cheapest brand of all Habanos. The nice 5-packs offer five little Guantanamera little cigars for tobacco lovers. The short time window shouldn’t put you off, because the Guantanamera little cigars certainly manage to present a taste improvement from the first to the last puff. What is striking is the similarity in taste to the very large Decimos and Cristales formats. It creates a beautiful, light basic image with hints of darker aromas such as leather and earth.

The Guantanamera little cigars are wonderful to smoke with perfect draw resistance. You should reach for these somewhat larger cigarillos more often! Guantanamera little cigars offer the full taste of these machine-made Habanos despite its small format. The aficionado does not only enjoy a good draft and burnout on mild summer evenings.

In our online shop you will find well-known cigars that can be classified as medium strength, such as the Guantanamera little cigars. The Guantanamera little cigars offer you a unique smoking experience. The aroma is very tart with a little creamy note. The burn of Guantanamera little cigars is good and produces a solid ash.

In addition to the Guantanamera little cigars, you can also get the Partagas cigars in our online shop. Partagas cigars are hand-rolled in Cuba and have a wonderful aroma. Due to the fine proportion of Dominican tobacco that is added during production, this cigar is very aromatic, balanced and yet bitter.

Another medium strength cigar is the Romeo Y Julieta. The Romeo Y Julieta cigars have a very good price-performance ratio. The great draw makes this cigar a multi-layered smoking experience.