Actually, everyone can agree that Bella little cigars are something sophisticated and high quality. However, there is one category of cigars that are still divided today: the so-called full-taste Bella little cigars, i.e. flavored long fillers and short fillers. They are currently more popular, especially among the younger generation and in the form of cigarillos.

The modern Bella little cigars brand has always been known for daring to experiment and not to be intimidated or even influenced by the opinions of others. Various tobacco blends use leaves from less well-known countries and the foray into flavored tobacco has also paid off. The Bella little cigars brand offers a delight that combines spicy notes of tobacco with the gentle yet beguiling sweetness of vanilla.

The production process does not use chemical aroma substances, but rather fine vanilla beans from Madagascar, the African country in which the roots of vanilla lie. The Bella little cigars brand therefore looks natural despite the unusual taste. The cover sheet of the short filler comes from Cameroon and the rest of the tobacco comes from the Dominican Republic. The aroma and taste of Bella little cigars are described as rich and distinctive. Make sure that it is true, ordering the Bella little cigars in our online shop.

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