Smoking a little cigar works a little differently than smoking a conventional cigarette. Similar to cigars, the cigarillo is only “puffed”. This makes tobacco consumption a little more subtle for the lungs than smoking cigarettes.

Hemp Zone little cigars are produced from the hemp that is made in Canada. Hemp Zone little cigars have the aromas of Kush, Kiwi, Strawberry, Berry, Fruit.

Hemp Zone little cigars and cigars are very similar. You could almost say that the cigarillo is the little sibling. The mechanical production of both tobacco products is identical, but cigars are also made by hand. Good and high quality cigars are only rolled by hand. In the case of Hemp Zone little cigars, the manual work is simply too high. The price would go up extremely for a box of 20 similar to a great cigar and for just a “short” smoking experience. The “cost / benefit” factor is therefore not given.

Why is it better to smoke Hemp Zone little cigars instead of cigarettes?

Everyone has to answer this question for himself or herself. However, here are a few pros that may help you decide:

Good Hemp Zone little cigars are usually made from 100% tobacco with a high quality.

The Hemp Zone little cigars are only “puffed”, so that practically no soot gets into the lungs and therefore cannot burden it.

In contrast to cigarettes (wrapped in paper), you only smoke real tobacco in Hemp Zone little cigars.

So if you value aromatic and authentic smoking pleasure, our clear recommendation for in between is the choice of Hemp Zone little cigars.

Unlike cigarettes, Hemp Zone little cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaves or brown tobacco paper. Hemp Zone little cigars are considerably smaller than normal cigars and mostly not larger than cigarettes. The average length is 8 – 12 cm and the diameter of 5 – 8 mm. The quality of the premium cigarillos is in no way inferior to that of a cigar, so cigar smokers also enjoy it for short smoking pleasure. Hemp Zone little cigars are often stronger and stronger than cigarettes.

In order to enjoy Hemp Zone little cigars optimally, the smoke is only absorbed in the oral cavity and not inhaled. Smoking takes a little more time than a cigarette, but much less than a cigar.