Montecristo little cigars deserve their big name. The premium Cuban brand is known and appreciated throughout the world, so any of its products is synonymous with impeccable taste and excellent quality. Leaves are grown on the best lands in the Vuelta Abajo region, so even machine products exude original aroma and taste, which are the hallmark of the brand. The Montecristo little cigars brand was founded by the Spaniard Alonso Menendez.

In the early 40s of the last century, he acquired the large cigar factory Particulares and began to produce cigars and cigarillos under its own brand. The Count of Monte Cristo enjoyed sympathy among cigar-twists, specially hired people – readers recited a popular French novel to factory workers, and Menendez decided to name the brand in honor of the rebellious fighter for justice. Keeping pace with the times, the state-owned company Habanos S.A. decided to produce premium cigarillos for wider layers of customers. They are ideal for daily smoking, on average, the tasting takes 10-15 minutes. The main flavors of Montecristo little cigars are woody, spicy, leather with notes of dried fruits, cocoa and coffee.

There are several varieties of Montecristo little cigars: classic, with a taste characteristic of the brand, and original flavored varieties (vanilla, cherry, coffee). The classic version is represented by three convenient formats: Mini, Club and Puritos. The cover sheet is natural, the filling is cut compressed tobacco without dust, veins and chemical additives. The draft is light, burns evenly, the main thing is to smoke slowly, by slow puffs.
The packaging of Montecristo little cigars is a universal gift option for a co-worker or friend. It does not matter if he is a beginner or an experienced foodie. Good fragrant tobacco will please all fans of fragrant smoke, without exception.

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