JM Sumatra Petit little cigars are small and carefully rolled from a blend of high quality two year old tobacco and natural short leaf Sumatran tobaccos. Over a strong espresso or whiskey, the JM Sumatra Petit little cigars will open up a new world of cigars. The filler consists of short tobacco leaves used in cigars, and the cigarillo is wrapped in a natural cover sheet and has the flavor and strength of a real cigar.

This not-so-big cigar delivers flavor for 15 minutes. The perfect choice for connoisseurs who don’t have time to enjoy a full-sized premium cigar. JM Sumatra Petit little cigars feature a moderate nicotine content, creamy, earthy woody flavor and intense smoking pleasure. JM Sumatra Petit little cigars were released in 1895, making it perhaps the oldest cigar brand in the world.

The Petit’s consistently youthful flavor is created from Brazilian, Dominican, Indonesian, and Caribbean tobaccos. If desired, a brand like JM Sumatra Petit little cigars can even become part of the cultural heritage of a country whose inhabitants smoke cigarillos with no less love.

All Scandinavian Tobacco Group cigarillos and cigars are unique and flavorful thanks to the skill and experience of our blenders. The right combination of different varieties and flavors is the true art of the tobacconist. What makes JM Sumatra Petit little cigars so delicious and special are the three tobacco elements that make up the cigar. The internal construction is amazing in its simplicity with a high degree of complexity.

When evaluating the strength of small cigarillos, the choice between classic Caribbean reds or other Brazilian and Sumatran varieties is crucial. In this case, it’s not enough to simply look at the values (where Caribbean cigarillos are considered the strongest). Unlike cigarettes, cigarillos have no limit on nicotine content. Cigarillos quickly reach over 100mg of nicotine. The real hallmark of the Cigarillo brand is its unique aromatic flavor and authenticity, as it is made from 100% tobacco. However, if you are looking for a cigarillo that ranges from light to strong, you should definitely give JM Sumatra Petit little cigars a try.