Mac Baren little cigars differ in composition, processing methods, and most importantly, in taste.

Mac Baren little cigars consist of different tobacco assortments. “Virginia” is one of the most famous types of tobacco in the world with a characteristic citrus flavor, “Oriental” with a floral and bright fruity hue, spicy and strong “Burley” and “Kentucky” – a dark variety processed by fire and therefore having an unusual, smoky taste. Each of these varieties in various combinations can be found among Mac Baren little cigars.

The Mac Baren little cigars are recommended for inexpensive smoking pleasure that hits the nerve of the times and where high quality is not to be missed. Mac Baren little cigars conceal a pleasant, vanilla-flavored smoke that appeals to a wide audience and takes flavored cigars to a new level.

The Mac Baren little cigars contain pipe tobacco of the high-quality, perfectly coordinated type. The Virginia and Burley varieties were chosen. The Flavored Cigar also uses an Ecuadorian cover page. The bright, smooth Connecticut Shade refines the cigarillo and completes the harmonious blend.

When smoking, the Mac Baren little cigars are developed for a natural sweetness. The vanilla notes are neither too subtle nor too strong and do not put the selected tobacco in the background. This is exactly how flavored cigars or cigarillos should be constructed. Fans of vanilla and exquisite cigarillos should definitely give this quality product a try. In addition to their soft, sensual sweetness, the cigarillos reveal a pleasant flavor that is reminiscent of cigar enjoyment. Not only are Mac Baren little cigars extremely thin, they are also very short with a length of less than 100 mm. This leads to short-lived smoking pleasure, but thanks to the fine tobacco, the aroma, taste and spatial note remain pleasantly in the memory for a long time.

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