The Montecristo little cigars brand appeared in 1934 as one of the varieties of H. Upmann cigars, but was later separated into a separate brand. And for good reason – today, the branded Montecristo little cigars are ready to compete with their ancestor for the title of the most famous brand. Montecristo little cigars are quite strong cigarillos in the typical Cuban style – spicy, with pronounced animal tones. Montecristo little cigars are excellent strong Cuban cigarillos, rolled from high quality tobacco leaves. Cigarillos exhibit a natural, slightly tart aroma with a woody undertone and a rich nutty flavor with a slight acidity.

Montecristo little cigars enjoy the attention of all smokers of the world. The reason for this is their superior quality and production technology, which is almost identical to that of the legendary cigars. Smoking a cigarillo is a simpler process than cigars, and the consumption time for one product is 15-20 minutes.

Cuban Montecristo little cigars are premium tobacco products. They are composed of the finest tobacco leaves from the renowned Cuban plantations of Vuelta Abajo and a natural wrapper made from the best varieties. They are produced both by hand and by machine. The strength of tobacco products varies depending on the type and ranges from medium to full, which will appeal to both cigar and cigarette smokers. The technological process for the production of elite Montecristo little cigars endows tobacco products with an excellent taste, in which herbaceous, spicy, coffee notes and shades of leather and cocoa can be traced.

Montecristo little cigars are presented in four lines: Minis, differ in reduced size (length – 112 mm, diameter – 7.9 mm), their number in a pack – 10 pcs .; Puritos are the largest products among cigarillos (length – 112 mm, diameter – 11.1 mm), there are only 5 of them in the package; Club are characterized by an average size for cigarillos (length – 97 mm, diameter – 9.1 mm), in a pack – 10 pieces; Limited Edition – limited edition, presented in an enlarged format – 20 cigarillos in a cigarette case.