Partagas little cigars have been known on the tobacco market for many years. It is synonymous with Cuban quality and exclusivity, as are the eponymous cigars of various sizes. It has a certain reputation and inspires confidence. Partagas little cigars are a special case of how you can enjoy the Cuban tobacco.

Cuban tobacco has long been recognized as the best. Those who want to try cigars are advised to buy Cuban tobacco products. But you don’t have to try large formats right away. You can start with Partagas little cigars.
They are different, both from whole and cut tobacco leaves. The highest quality ones are considered to be those made from natural tobacco and wrapped in real covers and binder sheets. The Partagas little cigars also belong to them.

The main qualities of Partagas little cigars:

Smack and aroma characteristic only of properly dried, high-quality tobacco.
No harmful additives. This is exactly tobacco, not artificial tar, synthetic flavors and additives. In Cuba, they are rarely added to tobacco at all – there is no point in spoiling natural raw materials.
Compliance with the rhythm of life. If you need at least 30-40 minutes of free time for a cigar, you can smoke a cigarillo in 10-15 minutes. The Chicos format is suitable for those who need subtlety and richness of aroma. The Club format is a classic choice of Partagas little cigars. It will really appeal to all buyers and connoisseurs of the aroma of real tobacco.

Elite and universally demanded Partagas little cigars are distinguished by their high strength and richness, rich flavor with a hint of high-quality tobacco and spicy nuances that are the highlight of the products of the world famous Cuban manufacturer. The smoking time of the product is 15-20 minutes, depending on the variation, which will especially appeal to connoisseurs of cigars and elite tobacco products.

And in terms of strength and richness, Cuban Partagas little cigars take the lead among a wide range of similar products. The volume of their production is simply enormous due to the ever-growing demand.