The famous tobacco brand, which is one of the five leaders in the United States of America, pampers us with these amazing cigars. The famous brand began its history in Philadelphia, where the initial production of cigars was established – a small workshop that was promoted by the enthusiasm of the founders. Today, it is already a huge factory, which brought the process of cigar production to automatism. The shape of the cigars and their size allow smoking them anywhere, easy to carry, and not use additional accessories.

Phillies little cigars are smoking sticks that include a whole sheet of tobacco on the outside and chopped tobacco on the inside. Phillies little cigars’ taste is closer to cigars but contain more nicotine. But in appearance, they are more reminiscent of ordinary cigarettes come with a filter and are packaged in packs. Phillies little cigars do not contain additives that support cigarette smoldering and therefore can be flavored. Both the female and the male gender give preference to this type of tobacco products, it all depends on the added flavorings and the strength of the cigarillos of Phillies brand.

Phillies little cigars are an example of a good balance between the size, shape and quality of the tobacco blend. These cigarillos are great for beginners and are able to surprise them with a wide selection of flavors; for good reason these cigarillos are one of the most popular flavored cigarillos in the USA.

Today, these little cigars are among the most popular in the United States of America. They consist of mixtures of soft varieties of Dominican and Honduran tobacco in equal proportions, convenient shape, size and packaging, long retaining the freshness and aroma of cigarillos.

Breathe in the aroma of this brand. You need to think about what you feel and understand whether you like it or not. The aroma emitted will intensify while smoking and will become many times brighter and juicier. It will be so delicious and one of a kind.

These little cigars are perfect for both experienced gourmets and beginners, surprising both with a wide selection of flavors.