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Now some words about the meaning of cigars. It stands for luxury, decadence and relaxation – the cigar. While cigarettes are usually an integral part of everyday life, cigars allow small escapes.

Cigars add a touch of luxury to an ordinary break, especially when accompanied by a strong whiskey, a full-bodied coffee or a good wine. Add to that the exotic flair that surrounds them – after all, the tobaccos come from distant lands where their production has been a tradition for generations. With the knowledge of the turned sheets, whole books can be filled. We will give you the most important facts.

The preparation: Before smoking, the cigar must be cut, because only a clean cut tip allows a good move. For this one uses either a pair of scissors or a guillotine. It is important that a few inches of the tail stop, so that the cover does not dissolve.

Smoking: The cigar is lit by turning the fire end over the flame of a lighter or a match. Then blow it gently until a uniform glow is produced. Never knock the ash off – either wait until it falls or gently strip it in the ashtray. When the smoke is finished, the cigar is not expressed but simply put down to go out on its own.

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