Santa Fe little cigars are pretty valuable, rich cigars from Nicaragua, which “ingredients” all come from Honduras. The long filler has a length of 12.38cm, a diameter of 2.38cm and a 60 ring gauge and offers the aficionado a enjoyment time of about 50 minutes. It alternates with aromas of chocolate, coffee, nut and wood. Due to the format Gordo, Santa Fe little cigars are also affectionately referred to as “Dickerchen” and are suitable for both beginners and advanced due to the medium strength.

Tobaccos from four Honduran growing regions are used in the masterfully rolled Santa Fe little cigars.

Above all, the connoisseur will of course notice the rich brown wrapper, which was harvested in 2014 in the fields near the small town of San Augustín, which is located in the world-famous department of Copán. The tobaccos of Gordo, which starts with spicy accents and fine toast aromas, all come from the same harvest year and were allowed to mature for seven years before they were used for the medium-bodied Santa Fe little cigars of the best series. As smoking progresses, creamy-sweet notes and delicate chocolate, nut, earth and pepper aromas appear, which present themselves in an exemplary balance with each other. In the last third, all aromas that have occurred so far culminate and give off an excellently arranged taste picture. The Santa Fe little cigars also live up to its reputation as a genuine premium cigar with perfect pulling and burning behavior.

Nice to know

The Gordo format of Santa Fe little cigars is ideal for the not too experienced connoisseurs to try. Because of their relatively large ring gauge, the smoke cools down a little faster than with her two sisters in Toro and Robusto format.


With the Santa Fe little cigars, you buy incredibly delicate Honduran Puro cigars that bring you closer to the unique taste of Honduran tobacco culture in its purest form. A special pleasure experience that you would not want to miss as an experienced aficionado. And you have to buy these cigars in our online store only. We are really able to help you with the best offers.