The persons who want to have refreshing tobacco items come to our online store and purchase Wrangler little cigars. These are refreshing cigars, which have light and menthol aromas.

More about Wrangler little cigars.

A lot has been written and said about how to choose a cigar to your taste. However, in this article we want to focus the reader’s attention on the topic of strong cigars with a serious character, presenting a small list of extremely different, but at the same time, equally powerful vitols recommended for the first steps in understanding the strong cigar world.

Powerful tobaccos are required to create a bright and full-bodied cigar, and as a rule, a refreshing vitola contains more ligero-type leaf in its blend. These are the darkest and thickest leaves growing on the upper tier of the tobacco plant. Due to direct exposure to sunlight, they are filled with a rich variety of substances, including nicotine, which provides strength and saturation of the cigar flavor. As the tobacco leaves spread along the stem from crown to base, they become larger in size but less powerful in their effect. Thus, the leaves called visos and seco, located in the central part of the plant, unlike ligero, have a more subtle and elegant taste. And at the very bottom of the tobacco bush, volado leaves grow, thin and light, without noticeable taste and aroma, but with excellent burning, being a wonderful fuel for a cigar.

The character of Wrangler little cigars is shaped by the proportion of its blend of tobaccos. So, a full-bodied and strong tobacco blend will contain more ligero, while a medium or light tobacco blend will contain more visos and seco. It is impossible to determine the character of a cigar by appearance. A dark and oily wrapper does not guarantee a serious, full-bodied and strong cigar, just as a light cover does not guarantee impeccable lightness in a Vitole.

Saturation and strength are two facets of cigar intensity. Keep this in mind; beware of the “sangria effect”. By analogy with the well-known refreshing drink, it happens that a moderate at first glance and extremely tasty cigar has a powerful nicotine effect on the body, which does not even allow you to get up on your feet. If you are not sure what kind of character and temperament a particular cigar has, feel free to contact our staff, a professional guide to the non-trivial cigar world.