Lex12 Little Cigars are a product that looks like a small cigar. Its main difference from cigarettes is that instead of cigarette paper, homogenized or natural tobacco material of high quality is used in production, and substances that accelerate combustion are not used for manufacturing. In addition, Lex12 Little Cigars are stronger than cigarettes, so they are usually smoked without inhaling.

Smoking Lex12 Little Cigars does not require a lot of time, suitable furnishings and special accessories. They are thinner than cigars, but they are also rolled from a natural leaf, inside of which there is shredded tobacco.

Lex12 Little Cigars are made both by hand and by machine. In the first case, whole tobacco leaves are used for their production. And for the filling of mini cigars made in production, shredded tobacco is used, which is wrapped in a covering material consisting of a homogenized tobacco leaf. It is called reconstituted and is made from tobacco dust and fine tobacco.

Smoking Lex12 Little Cigars are a smooth transition from cigarettes to cigars, as a cigarette contains on average 1 gram of tobacco, and a cigarillo 3 grams.

In addition to standard cigarillos, there are also options with a filter or mouthpiece. A standard cigarillo is 84 mm long (however they can be twice as long) and looks like a thinner cigar. A filter cigarillo does not include a binder sheet, although the quality of the tobacco is much higher than that of a manufactured cigarette.

Lex12 Little Cigars with mouthpieces retain the taste and aroma of smoke, but significantly cools it. The mouthpiece is made of plastic or wood.

Often in the production of Lex12 Little Cigars, various flavors are used, so that any smoker can find suitable Lex12 Little Cigars for himself or herself and fully enjoy their taste and aroma.