Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars are very reasonably priced cigarillos were produced by Arnold André until 2012 and therefore also manufactured there. With the sale of the brands to Scandinavian Tobacco, the production was also relocated. This explains why shortly afterwards the previous manufacturer launched almost identical products under the name of Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars.

Anyway, these Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars are very popular with the customers of our online store, they are very affordable smokes for every day that don’t hurt your wallet.

By smoking a cigar, many people give an important situation the necessary class. If, for example, a special anniversary is coming up, a difficult phase is behind you or just that one moment that you want to give a little more class has come to, a grip on a good cigar is in most cases the ultimate symbol of fine enjoyment.

But the enjoyment of a cigar does not always have to involve a lot of money. It is entirely possible to give individual moments to individual moments or simply to match your own style without spending too much money. The Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars meet all the requirements of a cigar smoker and not only bring pleasure home, but also class and style.

Of course, the Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars brand also has Corona cigars. This is probably the best known format for cigars. Such a corona is about 14 cm long and has a diameter of about 1.6 cm. Once lit, the Willem II Fehlfarben little cigars of Corona version brings full pleasure for about 45 minutes.

Of course, the cigars are made of 100 percent tobacco. Willem II’s special Corona Optimum has an insert of various tobacco products, for example from Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines or Paraguay. Both the surrounding cover and the actual cover page are imported from Besuki on Java, which gives the Corona Optimum its distinctive, slightly spicy but by no means too spicy taste.