The Abarisco little cigars are machine-processed short fillers that come in three unique organizations. All sizes are accessible in both Sumatra and Brazilian adaptations. The little cigarillo is conveyed in a 50 wooden box, the Senorita in a 40 and the biggest arrangement, the Long Corona, in a 10 wooden box. All organizations are produced using 100% tobacco.

The Abarisco little cigars are a selective result of ERMURI, a buying agreeable in the tobacco business, which carries great items to the market at low costs.

Sumatra’s Abarisco little cigars are machine shortfilers produced using 100% unadulterated tobacco from Java and Latin America. They have a brilliant normal skin, have a solid fragrance and a light and lovely smoking joy. A tough wooden box contains 50 little stogies.

The Abarisco little cigars have a decent value execution proportion and arrive in a wooden box.

Brasil cigarillos offer a rich flavor. Solid smell is created by the best Indonesian quality in blend with tobacco from Latin America. Abarisco little cigars have a solid fragrance, but at the same time are helpful and light.

The Abarisco little cigars brand of Sumatra stogies are solid in taste, yet charming to the touch and sound. Chosen tobaccos from Latin America and Java make amazing delight.

Abarisco is a private name of Ermuri. Just 100% tobacco is utilized.

Tenderly fiery. Dull Brazilian spreads give it a mellow flavor.

Flaunting a scrumptious Java wrapper, the Abarisco little cigars brand of Sumatra stogies offer an extraordinary taste of smoking. Delicate short fillers are machine-made for Ermuri Genuss in Ireland and have an excellent value execution proportion.

Delicate fiery Abarisco Little Cigars from chose tobaccos from three landmasses in a pragmatic wooden box for experts.

The pre-owned Sumatra wrapper gives it an unpretentious flower contact.

For some smokers, the Abarisco Little Cigars are somewhat of a “younger sibling” stogie. The appearance and taste of a little stogie is increasingly similar to a thicker dark colored cigarette, however just somewhat thicker than a normal cigarette. Some consider them to be an option in contrast to cigarette smoking and a more slow form of the cigarette. In the event that you are searching for change and not simply need to smoke, little stogies are a decent other option. We in our online store offer you a choice of high-caliber Abarisco Little Cigars.