The Griffin’s little cigars of the Classic series are the small cigarillo format of the Dominican brand The Griffin’s little cigars are machine-made, they convince with a light taste and are delivered in an elegant tin box.

The aromatic Griffin’s little cigars are exceptionally tasty, also thanks to the Connecticut Shade wrapper. This makes them the ideal companion for in between.

The Griffin’s little cigars brand offers two different lines, the Classic Line and the Maduro Line, both of which are considered to be rather mild cigar series, whereby the Maduro has a slightly more tangy aroma due to the dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

The typical Dominican Olor binder and the mixture of piloto, San Vicente and Olor tobaccos are relatively similar in both series, apart from slight differences in the mix. The mainly used Santo Domingo tobacco grows in the fertile Cibao Valley. The branded Griffin’s little cigars are popular with lovers of mild, spicy formats as well as beginners.

The Griffin’s little cigars of the Classic range offer an unbelievable variety of formats of mild to medium-strength long fillers from the classic Dominican premium brand.

Griffin is actually a mythical creature that combines a lion’s body with wings and the head of an eagle. The mythical animal became known through the Harry Potter volumes, in which the griffin is the heraldic animal of a wizard’s house. The griffin is used as a symbol in the logo for the cigar brand of Griffin’s little cigars.

The Griffin’s little cigars were “invented” by the Swiss Bernard Grobet, who studied with Zino Davidoff himself.

Bernard inherited his entrepreneurial spirit (ten years ago he was one of the first Europeans to believe in the great future of Dominican cigars on the world market) and a love of high quality.

Bernard Grobet named his cigars after the mythical creature of the griffin, which the ancient Greeks portrayed with the head of a vulture and paws of a lion. How this warlike creature is related to cigars, whose “character” connoisseurs define as “soft and even”, is unknown.

But the very even taste of Griffin’s little cigars is fully consistent with their appearance. The light, perfectly even and very thin Connecticut leaf is grown in artificial shade (plantations in the Dominican Republic are specially covered with awnings so that the leaf does not become coarse). The sheet remains thin and elastic, which improves the rolling quality of the cigars.