Davidoff little cigars always meet the high standards of quality and taste experience of a real Davidoff. Davidoff has set himself the task of always exploring exciting new opportunities off the beaten track and finding enjoyment experiences for aficionados that fill their time in a very special way.
Only the best of everything: this philosophy is firmly associated with the name Davidoff. The Davidoff little cigars brand stands for the highest quality and enjoyment as a passion. The cigarillos are made from 100% pure premium tobacco from the Caribbean, Brazil, Sumatra, Java and other parts of Indonesia. The masterfully coordinated mixtures of these small formats impress with their taste and aroma. From the minis to the long panatellas, the brand offers shorter or longer smoking pleasure for cigarillo friends.
High quality Davidoff little cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic with great care. The Davidoff little cigars belong to the absolute top class and have conquered a leading place in the world market.
Tobacco is a natural product. The balance of a mixture is achieved by using different types of tobacco. Using high-tech processes in production always ensures consistently high quality.

Tobacco is one of the oldest luxury foods that humans know. Already in prehistoric times, Indians in South America grew this nightshade plant, which only thrives in particularly sunny regions. Tobacco began its triumphal march through Europe around 1560 and is today the most widely used luxury food in the world.

Tobacco is grown in over 100 countries. The leading producer is China, followed by Brazil, India, the USA, Zimbabwe and Turkey. Since tobacco also thrives on less fertile soils, it is a welcome cultivation alternative for farmers. Especially since it usually generates much higher profits than other smallholder products. Tobacco can be easily integrated into a soil-friendly crop rotation economy and benefits subsequent crops such as corn.

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