Toscano little cigars: the unparalleled Toscano in a little organization.
Created at a processing plant in Lucca (Italy), just from 100% dim Kentucky fire-dried tobacco. Because of its size, the cigar has the first taste of average Tuscany, which can be delighted in a more limited time of time. Piccolo: little arrangement yet wealthy in flavor.

Toscano little cigars are a move of tobacco leaves loaded up with hacked tobacco. Ideal for the individuals who love complexity and refinement in taste, because of different smells, they vanquished men, yet additionally ladies.
Try not to pass up on the chance to enjoy a sample of Caribbean please with a latte or a cool mixed drink!

The taste is overwhelmed by Kentucky tobaccos principally from southern Italy (Campania and Umbria) and imports. The tobacco goes through a unique aging cycle that gives it an irregular smell.

Meet Toscano little cigars in Piccolo design! Moves this solid character to its agreeability. The taste is overwhelmed by Kentucky tobaccos mostly from southern Italy. The tobacco goes through an exceptional aging cycle that gives it an irregular flavor.

Toscano little cigars convey this full, remarkable and serious flavor.
Sweet woody notes with traces of cowhide and almond will interest both genuine Tuscany darlings and stogie novices the same.

The smoking of Toscano little cigars is very acceptable. Yet, you should purchase precisely the full-size Toscano, and not their choices cut down the middle.
“Parts” are not as agreeable to use as typical Toscano little cigars. Yet, then again, these half stogies are covered with the magnificence of the Italian Risorgimento. Italians accept that their impassioned admirer and warrior for the unification of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi, was the primary who considered cutting Toscano into two sections.

The flavor of Toscano little cigars is explicit. Their straightforward arrangement, which sells for Euros a piece, doesn’t have a hint of the refinement at times found in the more costly Toscano “discharges”.

We tell about Toscano little cigars in such subtleties because of the reality that quite a long while back, sold for a bundle of five pieces, indeed, Toscano little cigars were our solitary edible hand-moved stogies that “didn’t wind up on junk pile”. In this way, in troublesome snapshots of life, they became for such deeprooted smokers a genuine “lifeline”.