The Woermann house in Rödinghausen near Bünde has a long tradition. In 2015 the company celebrated its 125th anniversary. Woermann has been producing Woermann little cigars for its loyal consumers since 1890. Since 2001, the traditional company has also been importing hand-rolled long fillers from the Canary Islands and other provenances.

Woermann little cigars are for those who think cigars are too strong and cigarettes are faceless and standard. The Woermann tobacco company is located in Germany, and the best raw materials grown in the Dominican Republic are used in the manufacture of products.

In recent years, the Dominican Republic has bypassed even its traditional competitor, Havana, in sales of tobacco raw materials, which are also used for Woermann little cigars. Dominican tobacco is especially popular in the USA, in a country famous for its large-scale tobacco traditions. Hand-made cigars are recognized worldwide.

Among the main distinguishing characteristics of Dominican tobacco are its high combustibility, pleasant texture, and harmonious balance between nicotine and oils. Just such properties are needed to make good cigarillos.

According to experts, modern types of Dominican tobacco are in no way inferior to Cuban. After all, it is from neighboring Cuba that seeds are delivered, which are then adapted by breeders to local conditions. Work is also underway on the creation of various tobacco blends, which can significantly expand the taste and aromatic range of Cuban tobacco.

The Woermann little cigars company celebrates its 125th birthday this year in Rödinghausen near Bünde. “1890” refers to the date of birth of the Woermann dynasty. For this hand-rolled long filler cigar, the makers in Santiago have deliberately chosen an unusual format – a perfecto. A silky cover sheet is refined by a purely gold-colored ring “125 Years”. Black and Gold lets this box appear in a noble design from the outside and inside. The cigars are well protected in individual compartments and are bedded on velvet. The edition was originally supposed to be limited to 1250 boxes. This amount was again derived from the anniversary. Unfortunately, the tobacco of the 2001, 2002 and 2003 harvests were only sufficient for around 700 boxes. All tobacco has been stored for at least 8 years, the finished cigars have been dormant and aged for two years in the aging room.