The unique Backwoods little cigars are produced by using 100% regular tobaccos. The cigar is enclosed by Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which gives the stogie an especially smooth, wonderful taste.
A sealed shut bundling guarantees the extraordinary dampness substance and newness of the Backwoods stogies.
Genuine epicureans, for instance, open the boondocks cautiously and turn their own herbs in, with the goal that the smoking joy is expanded: The delightful flavors bolster the flavor of the herbs and guarantee a fascinating smoking encounter.

For the flavored Aromatic Backwoods little cigars, sweet-smelling tobaccos are chosen that fit consummately with the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Solid smells of vanilla and natural product substances ensure a sweetish smoking joy.
First in America – presently at long last with us! The mainstream stogies were sold out in Germany for a considerable length of time: According to the producer, a satiny vanilla smell refines the supplement of the Blue assortment, which in mix with the addition tobacco guarantees a mind-boggling taste understanding.
All in all, we can say: All three assortments from the Dominican Republic are magnificently gentle and sweet.
Backwoods little cigars supplanted stogies when the promulgation of the threats of smoking started to work particularly strikingly and Backwoods attempted to make its Backwoods little cigars to the mildest ones. Working under the aphorism “ferocity and non-abrasiveness”, the organization thought of an intriguing publicizing move, it started to create “wild” cigarillos in appearance, they have intentionally reckless structures and torn edges, something like stogies looked like in the times of Columbus. Be that as it may, with their gross appearance, they have a gentle taste and low quality.

The Backwoods little cigars started to show up available in 1970 and throughout the following 10 years figured out how to win the hearts of most Americans.
Backwoods little cigars vary in their unique appearance, yet in addition to magnificent quality. They incorporate 100% Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, which is matured for a year and a one-piece spreadsheet. Backwoods little cigars of this classification have different fragrant added substances that recognize each brand and give it its own uniqueness, and yet they all have a mellow and sweet taste. What’s more, to safeguard it, each of Backwoods little cigars is bundled in a saran wrap that shields them from drying out.