With the already very successful Red Filter Panter little cigars in red packaging, the extra vanilla touch on the mouthpiece ensures a wonderful fragrance and taste of vanilla. The expansion of the successful Panter little cigars family in addition to the Panter Desert and Panter Red variants follows the growing trend of dipped cigarillos. The varieties of Panter little cigars are carefully packed in a beautiful tin box with 20 pieces and as a small trial pack with 5 pieces. The new variety of Green Filter Panter little cigars is also available from our webshop. This new cigarillo has a sweet and mild taste with its Ecuador wrapper and mild insert. The dual filter has a sweetened mouthpiece with a cocktail touch.

These Panter little cigars from Holland are made from 100% high quality tobacco. The brand is unmistakably striking and expressive in its appearance, with the dynamic radiance of power and passion. Panter little cigars signal tension and strength and fit perfectly into the world of cigarillo. It is not for nothing that Panter little cigars are one of the fastest growing cigar brands in the world.
The trend in cigarillos towards flavored variants remains unbroken. The Red Filter Panter little cigars have been one of the fastest growing cigarillo brands on the market since their introduction in 2013. In 2015, the Red family was expanded to include the filterless version. The Red has a ripe Ecuador wrapper and a mild filling. The sweet, mild vanilla taste is retained in this variant of the Red products and gives the cigarillos their characteristic taste.

Short Smoke: Small style, great experience. Together with the small format, the coffee aroma is perfect for enjoyable moments of smoke e.g. after the culinary course, especially wonderful as a crowning finish with a cup of coffee or just like that at other moments of the day. The slim filter version with the high-quality Java cover sheet is an aromatic treat: It works without affecting the characterful cigarillo experience. The unmistakable taste unfolds impressively from the very first move. With a length of 78 mm and a diameter of 8.4 mm, the Desert Panter little cigars with coffee aroma and mild strength are top-class cigarillos. The tobaccos from Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia are used as an insert, and quality tobacco from Indonesia is used for the wrapper.