Introduced in the USA in 1981, these Backwoods little cigars became a bestseller and are now considered one of the most successful brands in the flavored cigar segment worldwide. Formerly available in 4 flavors, the Backwoods little cigars made in the Dominican Republic have been offered in the two most popular flavors: Caribe (formerly Wild Rum) and Authentic (formerly Aromatic) since 2010.

They stand for uncomplicated, authentic smoking pleasure. The rustic look is characteristic, they should look like “rolled yourself”. The insert consists of a mixture of imported tobacco from different countries. The insert is wrapped in a 12 month Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which gives the cigar a particularly smooth, pleasant taste. Made from 100% natural tobacco. An airtight film packaging with 5 pieces each was specially developed to maintain the special moisture content and freshness.

Backwoods little cigars were sold for years. We have received countless inquiries as to when these cheap flavored cigars will arrive again. Then it was time to rush backwoods. We hope that you can buy them again for a long time.

Another thing happened: the import for Backwoods cigars has introduced a new line. Since May 2017 you can also buy the Backwoods little cigars of Blue. Behind it is the Backwoods Vanilla. As some lovers of cigars told us, this is significantly milder than the Backwoods Caribe, which was formerly called Backwoods Wild Rum.

A mouthpiece is not dipped. The cover sheet is very dark and feels moist and fresh. First impression very mild. Exotic flavors such as Banana. Vanilla is included. Still very mild. Only slightly flavored. Burning and pulling behavior are very good and for such a small ring size the cigar doesn’t go out as easily as many cigarillos do. Burning takes place very slowly, which underlines the quality. 15 minutes of smoking time are definitely possible here and 20 minutes are also possible.

Backwoods little cigars look like joints made with a tobacco wrapper. In fact, the manufacturer advertises with the high quality of its tobacco and advertises it with the keyword “natural tobacco”.