Toscanello little cigars have a balanced character and an intense taste of Kentucky tobacco, which complements the aroma of roasted hazelnuts.
Toscanello little cigars are Italian products. The Kentucky tobacco used for the production of these little cigars is largely grown in Italy, fermented in Tuscany and processed in the manufacture in Lucca to a wide variety of formats. And for over 200 years!
When buying Toscanello little cigars, you can also choose from Toscanello, Toscanello Rosso Caffé, Toscanello Bianco Grappa, Toscanello Blue Anice, Toscanello Verde Limoncello and Toscanello Giallo Vaniglia.

In appearance, this product is similar to regular cigars, but unlike the latter, pure tobacco leaves in cut or whole form are used in their production. They are wrapped in a cover sheet or in homogenized tobacco, which is made on the basis of special foil and covered with a layer of tobacco dust.
A feature of Toscanello little cigars are unsealed ends, as well as the presence of a mouthpiece or filter. Its weight is less than 3 grams, and the length and diameter of a little more than a conventional cigarette. They are well suited for everyday smoking because they do not require pruning and are much cheaper than cigars. At the same time, this smoking product is considered to be elite, it is often presented as a gift.

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