Buena Vista Araperique little cigars are the novelty presented by the German importer Arnold André at Inter Tobacco 2013 in Dortmund is their personal cigar, which is spinning at the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic.

As one of the most important cigar importers in Germany, Arnold André has now given himself a “real” private label in the long filler sector, promoting the Buena Vista Araperique little cigars. Originally manufactured by long-term partner La Aurora, these Buena Vista Araperique little cigars are now manufactured in Arnold André’s own tabacalera in the Dominican Republic. A tobacco was processed that has never existed in this form.

What is special is this Buena Vista Araperique little cigars brand is the insert that has been treated in a special way. In the case of pipe tobacco, it is customary to ferment the tobaccos in old whiskey barrels under greater pressure. This has also been done with Brazilian tobacco for 12 months now: the result is a very dark, particularly strong and aromatic inlay tobacco that gives these Dominican Buena Vista Araperique little cigars a special twist.

This new Buena Vista Araperique little cigars brand contains a new tobacco in the insert: Araperique that is an art term from Arapiraca and Perique. The Brazilian Arapiraca is fermented in the Perique process, known from the pipe tobacco world. At Perique, the tobacco is irrigated and pressed in wooden barrels under strong pressure. The resulting liquid supports the fermentation, which can last over a year. And how does the new Araperique tobacco taste in the cigar? Definitely not after pipe tobacco, but we taste an interesting fruity note at the first tasting.

As an additional highlight, a frame with pieces of tobacco ribs is filled in the box around the cigars – these are not smokable, but visually it definitely makes a difference! In May 2015, two more Vitolas were added: a Belicoso and a Petit Corona. The smaller format, unlike all others, is delivered in boxes of 30 pieces.