The Trinidad Short little cigars brand was presented for the first time at InterTabac 2018 in Dortmund, Westphalia. Equipped with 100% Cuban tobacco, the medium-strength Cubans provide excellent taste when it is just enough for a short break.

The Trinidad Short little cigars brand has the length of a mini-cigarillo, but differs significantly from this variety Short Smokes by a much larger diameter. This enables her to develop the delicious flavors typical of the brand, which are characterized by sweet notes, fine creamy floral, earthy and woody aromas, together with incredible tasty spices. The flattering creamy smoke of the Trinidad Short little cigars brand accompanies you over a 15-minute indulgence period. Their stylish packaging is equipped with an innovative click fastener, which makes it easy to take off the delicate Trinidad Short little cigars.

The short format may already be familiar to some of you, because the range of the Cuban flagship brand Cohiba was expanded two years ago to celebrate its 50th anniversary with these delicious premium smokes.

This Cuban Trinidad Short little cigars brand has been around since 1969 and was initially made exclusively for foreign diplomats in El Laquito. This procedure is known from the (even more famous) sister brand Cohiba.

The Trinidad Short little cigars brand is new in the premium cigarillo segment. These shorts are made from 100% Cuban tobacco. It is manufactured by Internacional Cubana de Tabacos, the subsidiary of habanos S.A. who is responsible for the machine-made products. The short format is short like a mini-cigarillo, but with a lot more body – for optimal aroma and taste development. You can taste it too: the finest, brand-typical Trinidad Short little cigars blend. Each of Trinidad Short little cigars is ringed and individually wrapped in cellophane. The 10-pack click box is very practical to take with you: if necessary, the interior moves up and then down again. the 10 small cigars are perfectly protected and do not break.