Chief Stix Hemp little cigars have a healing CBD aroma. Smokers say Chief Stix Hemp little cigars have a medical effect. Women who tried Chief Stix Hemp little cigars affirm that it is true! The cigar should be visually attractive, soft to the touch, and fragrant. However, the true beauty of a cigar can be recognized only after some time has passed after lighting it. All other things being equal, the cigar should be pleasant in appearance, dense, but pliable to the touch, have a pleasant tobacco smell without signs of mustiness. A musty odor can occur during long-term storage in conditions of excess moisture (norm 68-72%).
When we smoke a cigar, we inhale its aroma, feel its smooth and dense structure tactilely, feel the warmth of its thick smoke, and before lighting it, we anticipate the pleasure of the process. In other words, we have fun.
Chief Stix Hemp little cigars do not only have a medical effect. It is noted that tobacco, wine, aromatic herbs and flowers are in the same row, if we consider them as objects for tasting and training receptors. The Chief Stix Hemp little cigars seem to be created for the summer air – in it, the shades of tobacco are revealed in a different way, and those notes that were in the shade in different conditions come to the fore.
In addition, those accompanying this moment also make their own adjustments – for example, there is a difference in the aroma of the air around you. Smoking Chief Stix Hemp little cigars on a yacht at sea, on a picnic in a park or in a mountain holiday house, you will feel what different colors of it are reflected in your mind.

Have you noticed how smoking a cigar in nature fits in perfectly? The rim of the vitola and the edge of the sun on the horizon are like a reflection of each other. In the same composition, an ashy “column”, flirting with the wind, and smoke from smoldering tobacco play their roles.

A cigar is sheer pleasure, aesthetics, contemplation. Watching sunrises and sunsets, relaxing and listening to aromas accompanied by a cigar is a real pleasure for aficionados.