Blaz Hemp little cigars are known as remedies, but they have a great taste as well. For a Blaz Hemp little cigars lover, the process of smoking is a delight in aroma, taste, strength – properties inherent in the noble process of obtaining a certain amount of nicotine in the body. But after smoking, no matter what cigars we smoked, our breath loses its freshness.
Moreover, many people from the environment absolutely do not like the smell of a smoking person. This is the unpleasant side. However, there are a number of reliable ways to keep your breath pleasant without giving up your favorite Blaz Hemp little cigars.
Here are some tips to keep your breath fresh after smoking of Blaz Hemp little cigars: you shouldn’t smoke a cigar before going to bed, you must agree that a cigar “amber” in the morning is no better than an alcoholic fume. do not smoke before a meal. Lack of food or liquid: before, during and after smoking, not only provokes a burning smell, but also inhibits the digestive system, and also threatens the danger of nicotine overdose. When smoking, try to drink as much liquid as possible to maintain moisture in your mouth. Of course, it can be alcohol, but I prefer water or tea. Drink milk with a cigar – this is a great way to soften its taste and reduce the effects of nicotine.
In addition, dairy products have a gentle and cleansing effect on the body. Eat any citrus fruits after smoking is a pleasant way, coupled with a tonic effect, to get rid of unpleasant odors and replenish your body with vitamin C. A reliable, but not always relevant, method – to chew parsley, guarantees the long-term presence of a pleasant aftertaste and, which is very important, natural cleansing of the oral cavity by restoring salivation. Of course, one of the most effective ways to keep your breath fresh is to rinse your mouth with special products that are available in any pharmacy. On the one hand, this is very convenient.