Meine 40er Brasil little cigars are machine-made German cigars. The Brazilian wrapper, mild strength makes it especially recommended for beginners, but connoisseurs won’t be disappointed either. The smoking time is 20 minutes, which is perfect for an enjoyable evening.

The cigar has a diameter of 1.5 cm and a length of 11 cm, which corresponds to a petit corona. The concept is a short filler, the tobacco pieces are processed in such a way that the tobacco is evenly distributed and, consequently, the flavor is even. The flavor of Meine 40er Brasil little cigars is a weave of grass and earth, complemented by fine cream and finished with subtle spice notes.

Inexpensive Meine 40er Brasil little cigars are machine made cigars with a short filler. With an attractive round head shape and attractive finish, Meine 40er Brasil little cigars have a dark natural Brazilian tobacco wrapper. The wrapper is thin and filigree in texture. The flavor filler is made from selected South American tobaccos. Ribbon tobacco is used as a binder. Meine 40er Brasil little cigars are characterized by moderate nicotine content, low drag resistance and smooth burning. The taste of tobacco is harmonious, spicy, with a subtle aromatic game. Woody, leathery, earthy and peppery notes come to the fore. Smoke is full-bodied, soft and gentle. The strength of the cigar and simple format make the ready-to-smoke Meine 40er Brazil suitable for both habitual and irregular smokers, and for beginners who want to smoke a good cigar every day. The sturdy wooden box contains 50 Meine 40er Brasil little cigars.

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