Signature Blue little cigars are machine-made Dutch cigarillos. The wrapper is Ecuadorian, the binder is ribbon tobacco. The filler is a blend of tobaccos from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Java and Colombia. The mild strength makes this cigar especially suitable for beginners, but connoisseurs will be pleased as well. The smoking time is 10 minutes, which is ideal for a pleasant smoke.

Signature Blue little cigars have a diameter of 0.85 cm and a length of 7.5 cm in cigarillo format. The concept is short filler, which means that the tobacco pieces are processed in such a way that the tobacco is evenly distributed and therefore the flavor is even. The flavor of Signature Blue little cigars is a combination of toast and cream, complemented by fine wood, with subtle notes of nuts.

There is also an elegantly packaged branded original yellow colored cigarillo. This cigarillo consists of a blend of Brazilian Matafina tobacco, Indonesian Sumatran tobacco and Dominican tobacco. This combination provides a mild, balanced flavor accompanied by a slight spiciness and a hint of sweetness. Signature Original cigarillos are ideal for smokers seeking a balanced and mild flavor. Signature Blue little cigars are produced in Germany in packs of 20. Each cigarillo is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and flavor. The quality of cigarillos is unrivaled and enjoyed by smokers all over the world.

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