Little cigars are a new dimension, a new understanding of smoking. It began to vary. In today’s world, you can switch from cigarettes to cigars to small cigars. Nothing can stop you. But now small cigars are winning the position for the main reasons, they are cheaper, better quality and you can get high on them. Those smokers who always tend to choose only the best little cigars will not pass by the brand that we present to you today. So, if you think you know everything about this type of segment, you don’t.
Porfina Wilde Sumatra little cigars are made mechanically in the Netherlands. Having a Sumatra wrapper, these short fillers reveal aromas of wood and hay. Moreover, and a vivid peppery nuance and sweet notes can also be found out in the taste. And somewhere in the middle of smoking we sense a gentle coffee note. The experts will always tend to choose the best of the best.
Porfina Wilde Sumatra little cigars forever stand for high-quality cigars. And this is a never-ending enjoyment at an optimal price. Everyone knows Porfina is a guarantee for a refined smoking experience. Spice in aroma and selected top tobacco sorts are the main components of this phenomenon. The Sumatra wrappers enhance the taste and smoke with their floral hints.
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