There is a certain type of smoker who is very scrupulous when choosing cigars. This happens for certain reasons. First of all, because they consciously choose for themselves the best that the tobacco market has to offer. Moreover, they do not want to overpay and taste products that are not suitable for them. This is the correct calculation.
The brand of cigars we are discussing meets all the requirements and wishes. Sonderleistung Sumatra little cigars are a popular German brand. These little cigars are produced by machine process. They are defined by their wrapper and their filler originated from Brazil. Their composition is suitable for both newcomers and experts thanks to their medium strength. You do need to smoke them for a long time just ten or fifteen minutes, but this time regimen is fine in order to get as much tobacco as possible. And then this break becomes so pleasant and meaningful.
Sonderleistung Sumatra little cigars have a diameter of 0.9 cm and a length of 10.3 cm. This is the exact format of little cigars. The idea lies in processing pieces of tobacco, the result is the even spread of tobacco and strong taste. The aroma of the product is interconnected mixture of spices and sweet notes. It is enhanced by creamy but yet deep notes of leather.
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