In America, Captain Black little cigars are the most popular tobacco. He is also well known and appreciated by Russian smokers. It has a peculiar deep taste that cannot be confused with any other.

Captain Black little cigars are made on the basis of black strong Cavendish tobacco, golden Virginia and Burley soft varieties. All tobaccos are naturally dried to preserve their natural flavor. The balanced composition is completed by notes of other aromas. Due to the ideal balance of tobaccos, cigarillos are not too strong and not too soft, and many will enjoy the pleasant sweetness of smoking.

Today we will look at Captain Black little cigars tobacco, talk about what it is, its tastes and cost.

Captain Black little cigars are one of the most popular brands of the Danish company Scandinavian Tobacco Group, under which these cigarillos are produced. The brand’s products, thanks to their high quality, have been a sales leader all over the world for many years.

About the product: The following varieties of tobacco leaf are used in the production of Captain Black little cigars: Virginia; Burley; Cavendish; Oriental.

The Captain Black little cigars line of tobacco includes standard and flavored products. The taste of any mixture from the line is soft and pleasant. The flavor enhances the natural bitterness of the tobacco without interrupting it.

For each flavor, the manufacturer uses a unique blend of tobacco leaf.

A good name was invented, Captain Blackbeard, subsequently abbreviated to “Captain Black”. In the 70s of the last century, Captain Black pipe tobacco was considered No. 1 in the United States, thanks to a well-chosen combination of aroma and taste. Later, Lane Limited entered the international group Scandinavian Tobacco Group A / S. The assortment expanded, cigarettes began to be produced under the brand, then, in the late 90s, cigarillos. They were in great demand in the domestic and international tobacco market.

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