Many smokers prefer Blackstone little cigars with their nice cherry and vanilla aromas to cigarettes or pipes.

Therefore, they need to carefully select the best products of well-known foreign companies in order to enjoy exquisite taste. Blackstone little cigars are a testament to the good taste of the smoker.

You can enjoy Blackstone little cigars, because we ship cigars all over the country. Because of what, anyone can try and discover this wonderful world.

But a cigar doesn’t have to be expensive, because the brand plays a huge role in pricing.

To enjoy Blackstone little cigars, to fully experience the taste, to appreciate the solemnity of the moment, it is not only the quality of the cigar, tobacco and manufacturing technology that is important – accessories, the quality of which must meet the high standards of the world of cigars, are important.

The variety of accessories for Blackstone little cigars is great, but each accessory has its own purpose, there are no unnecessary items.

Punches, lighters and ashtrays, humidors and cases are all designed for proper storage, transportation, ease of use and enjoyment of cigars. The store offers a wide range of these accessories, all products are in stock, and our managers will expertly advise you and assist you in choosing the necessary accessories.

Lighter desktop premium from the American company HOWARD MILLER – a well-known manufacturer of interior items. The turbo mechanism of the gas lighter with 4 nozzles gives a powerful beautiful flame and is ideal for heating and lighting cigars. For gas filling and flame regulation, the mechanism is removed from the base. The wooden case is covered with black piano lacquer. Supplied in a gift box.

Stylish ultra-thin turbo lighter from the Italian company Lubinski SRL. Fueled with gas. Turbo flame is not only suitable for cigarettes, but also for small cigars. The flat 5 mm case allows you to carry it in a cigarette case, purse or breast pocket. The delivery set includes a gift box and a branded international guarantee from the Lubinski company.