Remington Little Cigars give the best bang to anyone who appreciates the smoking of small stands. Despite the fact that they are considered a worthy brand, these little pigs are not without quality with their soft and smooth taste. These specially valued small stands are not only reasonably priced, but also have many unusual flavors: delicate, cherry, chocolate, full-flavored, grapes, menthol, peach, rum, strawberries and vanilla. Remington Little Cigars exist even for the most fastidious smokers.

In addition to our extensive assortment of top-notch Remington Little Cigars, our online store also has a large number of cigars that are ideal for short-term enjoyment of smoking. One of the most important accessories for fans is the humidor. This ensures that the tobacco products are evenly moistened so that they do not dry out and retain good taste.

To ignite “brown gold”, there are special lighters with four very hot flames. To make the cigar ready for smoking, you need to cut off a piece of the head; this is best suited for specially designed cigar cutters.

If you have any questions about the right accessories for the Remington Little Cigars, do not hesitate to contact us at any time and take advantage of our 16 years of experience in this field. When you buy a certain amount of cigars or cigarillos, we give you a discount!

Great smoking pleasure thanks to superior cigar quality and storage

Quality starts with the choice of brown gold, so we mainly produce high-quality longfiller, which consists of whole leaves of tobacco and is twisted completely by hand, which experts call a premium cigar. Tobacco products are stored in ideal climatic conditions in our premises and in a 32 m2 humidor. In addition to a fully automatic modern humidification system, our humidor is completely covered with cedar wood, since only a combination of humidification and cedar provides perfect storage and guarantees you the best smoking experience.

We will tell you more after you have a contact with our online store.