Toscano little cigars have an unmistakable character. Each phase of creation has its own conventions and qualities, be it: aging; drying; bending.

As per legend, the manufacturing plant once neglected to store a group of tobacco and it got wet. The supervisor was sorry to discard the crude materials, and he chose to evaporate it and use it on modest cigarettes for poor people. Shockingly, they were promptly purchased up. What’s more, the definitive factor was not the cost, but rather the taste. This is the way the mystery of Toscano aging was coincidentally found, which gives cigarillos a remarkable fiery fragrance. Today it requires 30-40 days.

Another intriguing element is drying over a fire, giving a characteristic smoky tint. When in doubt, oak and beech logs are utilized for this.

Indeed, even tobacco is developed not too far off in Italy. The Mediterranean atmosphere adds its own flavor to the Kentucky assortment. Albeit in some cases imported tobacco from South America is additionally taken for the filling.

Toscano little cigars are recognized by a tight curve, in spite of the way that there are just two layers in it: the covering and the tobacco itself. In the event that the cigarillo is cut into 2 sections and smoked down the middle with a companion, the edges of the two parts will be even. At the point when the Toscano is terminated entire, the two edges are frequently managed 1-1.5mm to build foothold. Mellow toward the start, the flavor turns out to be more exceptional towards the center.

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