J. Cortes little cigars are modest stogies. They are created with the machine, whereby tobacco from Sumatra (covering), Java (clasp) similarly as Brazil and Cuba are readied. The brand’s chief stogie is the high class, a medium-sized plan. Each stogie is packaged in a metal chamber. The mix of good tobacco groupings gives an example of flawless aromas.

The cedar wood leaf as a protective covering, with which the refined stogie authority energizes tobacco items, shows an exceptional class. J. Cortes little cigars are said to have a luxuriousness, flavor and a nice harmony.

J. Cortes little cigars have a long custom. These stogies have been conveyed in Belgium since 1926. The Vandermarlie family utilizes first class tobacco that comes from remarkable, tobacco-making countries. The tobacco used comes from Sumatra, Java, Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

There are two particular game plan byJ. Cortes little cigars:

Sumatra: Cover = Sumatra, folio = Java, insert = Java, Brazil and Cuba (medium)

Dominican: Cover = Connecticut Shade, folio = Dominican Republic, insert = Java, Brazil and Dominican Republic (light and fragile)
J. Cortes little cigars have been made by the Vandermarliere family since 1926. From the most punctual beginning stage of creation as of recently, the family has set unprecedented emphasis on first in class quality. Only tobacco from dazzling creating regions are used. The recipe has not changed since the associate of stogies with this day.

The covering delivered utilizing the best Sumatra tobacco, the covering from tenderly hot Java tobacco and the expansion tobacco created utilizing Indonesian (Java and Sumatra), Brazilian and Cuban tobacco (Pinar del Rio and Las Villas) guarantee top quality. The stogies with the blazing, significantly fragrant taste are available at a worth quality extent that is top tier.

All tobaccos used for the J. Cortes Blue Mini have been phenomenally decided to guarantee the best taste and smell. The cover sheet comes from Sumatra, the latch sheet from Java and the expansion contains Java, Cuba and Brazil tobacco. In the mouth, the cigarillos are smooth, round, with a totally changed scent.