Since 1818, Toscano little cigars are considered classics of tobacco products and the favorite gourmet variety of the whole world along with famous Italian cuisine and luxurious wines! A masterpiece of tobacco art by Cigarillo Toscano was born by chance. According to legend, in the summer of 1815 at a plant in the city of Florence, a large batch of selected tobacco was either intentionally or due to oversight was left in the yard. Suddenly a downpour began. Tobacco leaves not hidden in the warehouse are completely wet. In the hot Italian climate, they soon wandered and became unusable. The surprise of the management of the enterprise knew no bounds when they saw that the whole batch instantly dispersed, not because of the affordable price, but because of the powerful smoky-spicy flavor of Toscano little cigars, which was more interesting and unusual than that which was present in ordinary lineups.

As a result, due to chance and the efforts of factory manufacturers, Toscano became a classic of the tobacco genre already in 1818 … In the manufacture of Toscano little cigars, much attention is paid to raw materials. For the production of “Tuscan”(as connoisseurs call them), Kentucky tobacco, which grows in the provinces of Lazio, Benevento (accounts for 45% of national production), Umbria, Veneto and Tuscany, is usually used. This was one of the first varieties of tobacco, which began to be exported at the beginning of the nineteenth century from the United States of America to Italy for the manufacture of real Tuscan cigarillos. In this country, thanks to the hot climate, Kentucky tobacco acquires completely new characteristics in the aroma palette. Toscano little cigars. Sometimes, to replenish the taste range, manufacturers add Kentucky, grown in the Far East and South America. Usually this variety is dried over a fire with smoke, after which strong smoky and smoked shades are felt in it. As a rule, beech or oak firewood is used for this critical process. After fermentation and drying, Kentucky tobacco must be further maintained at controlled temperature and humidity for four to twelve months.

Toscano little cigars manufacturers always produce high-quality natural products. Therefore, the organoleptic properties of Tuscan are close to the natural shades of fruits, coffee, nuts or spices. In form, Toscano little cigars resemble half a cigar. The average smoking time is about half an hour. Thus, the Toscano little cigars are ideal for an afternoon break.