Our Woermann little cigars are all machine-made and made with Sumatran or Brazil tobacco. We present the popular Woermann little cigars on an extra page so that it remains clear here. This category therefore includes short fillers that are made 100% from tobacco using machines. Band tobacco is not processed here. In addition to the Classic No. 23. you can buy more Classic Woermann little cigars.

It is possible to smoke inexpensively with pleasure. This is proven by these Woermann little cigars produced by Woermann. Five classic formats from the slim minis and long Woermann little cigars to the full corona, there is something for every occasion. All formats are available with a Brazilian or Sumatra wrapper, the minis also as a flavored “Vanilla” version with or without a filter (only with Sumatra wrapper).
All formats are packed in wooden boxes of 50 pieces, the slim long Woermann little cigars of 25 pieces.

Woermann little cigars are a gift for those who find other types of cigars too strong, and cigarettes faceless and standard. The Woermann tobacco company is located in Germany, and the best raw materials that are grown in the Dominican Republic are used in the production of products.

In recent years, in the sale of raw tobacco, which is also used for Woermann little cigars, the Dominican Republic has even surpassed its traditional competitor – Havana. Dominican tobacco is especially popular in the United States, a country famous for its large-scale tobacco traditions. Handcrafted Woermann little cigars are recognized around the world.

Among the main distinguishing characteristics of Dominican tobacco are high combustibility, pleasant texture, harmonious balance between nicotine and oils. These are the properties needed to make good Woermann little cigars.

According to experts, modern types of Dominican tobacco are in no way inferior to Cuban ones. After all, it is from neighboring Cuba that seeds are supplied, which are then adapted by breeders to local conditions. There is also active work on the creation of various tobacco blends, which significantly expands the flavor and aroma range of Cuban tobacco.