Vanilla flavored Bella little cigars. You are nowadays flavored cigars are becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger generation. Moreover, in the production process, no chemical flavors are used, and the aroma is obtained naturally from the precious vanilla beans in Madagascar.

Excellent, flavored cigars, Madagascar vanilla flavor.
The Bella little cigars series of cigars is unique, according to many aficionados, these cigars have the best taste and aroma in this segment of the cigar market. The aroma is obtained naturally from the precious vanilla beans in Madagascar.

As everyone knows, the natural conditions created in Madagascar make it possible to grow the best vanilla in the world and it is this vanilla that is used in the Bella little cigars.

The complex aromas of vanilla, along with tobacco grown from Cuban seeds in the Dominican Republic, create the most sophisticated and complex cigars of its kind. The cigars are well balanced and give a rich and complex flavor with an intoxicating aroma.

The manufacturer prefers to focus on the smaller cigar formats, the cigarillos and the slim cigars such as the Panetela and the Corona, which offer a lot of taste.

With the Bella little cigars, a creation has succeeded that combines a Sumatra wrapper with a Java binder and a mixture of fillers from Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia (Java). It is around 130 mm long and has a diameter of 17 mm, which is why it fits perfectly in the hand.

With the Bella little cigars, the company dedicates itself to a machine-made short filler which, thanks to its high-quality tobacco, comes close to its more famous competition. A light aroma joins a fine, spicy taste. Ten of the cigars are available in a box, and at an unbeatable price. They are ready to smoke and appeal to both beginners and connoisseurs with a little less demand. If you like this Corona, you should recommend your relative with the Maduro wrapper from Brazil.